Who we are?


Areas Costeras y Recursos Marinos (ACOREMA) is a Peruvian non-profit organization founded in 1995 and committed with both coastal and marine conservation as well as the human well being. ACOREMA works on research and conservation of the marine biodiversity, with emphasis on marine threatened species (cetaceans, marine turtles, Humboldt penguin and marine otter) and in public awareness, environmental education, awareness and interpretation to promote public participation in actions towards conservation of coastal-marine resources resulting in a better quality of life.

The organization’s headquarters are placed in the Pisco province, southern Peru. The region is important because it embraces the territory of two marine protected areas: the Paracas National Reserve and part of the System of Islands, Islets and Guano Points National Reserve. Initiatives of national, regional (in Latin America) and worldwide scope are carried out by ACOREMA in collaboration with international organizations.