The schools count

I.E.P. María Montessori (San Andrés)

  • Principal and teacher Lidia Mendoza Pantoja
  • Assistant Katherine Ayala Carpio
  • Teacher Liset Fajardo Tipacti
  • Teacher Nancy Fernández Ucharima
  • Teacher Yesenia Soto Medina
  • Teacher Blanca Zuñiga Rubio

I.E. 22489 Paracas (Paracas)

  • Principal Carmela Cortez Apolaya
  • Teacher Estela Chávez Mejia
  • Teacher Bertha Yika Garcia
  • Teacher Juana Rojas Bravo
  • Teacher Luis Hernández Peña
  • Teacher Abel Almeyda Saravia
  • Teacher Elvia Campos Barbarán
  • Teacher Marita Pareja Rodríguez
  • Assistant Delia Huamán Choque
  • Assistant Judith Oré Suarez

I.E.P. Fermín Tangüis (Pisco)

  • Principal and teacher Maribel Peña Chapilliquen

What did they achieve?

With knowledge and enthusiasm, the principals, teachers and assistants worked with the students the Campaign The Bufeos and You, Much in Common contents. The activities included, among other, elaboration of word puzzles, computer graphics, tales inspired in the resident bufeos, art work about the dolphins and their habitat, and discussions about strategies for extending the Campaign to their families, educational community, neighborhoods, region and country. By means of democratic processes, they elected the name for some bufeos from the Paracas Bay resident group. Here in images a sample of those activities.