New Marine Education Center

The project

Few days after the Pisco earthquake, with the goal that the Center should continue its work with the community, ACOREMA launched the campaign “New ACOREMA Marine Education Center. Building Hopes for Conservation”. This was encouraged by both national and international people and organizations, but mainly by the Pisco community and the concern of the local children about the fate of the old Center and their wish to have this facility again.

The campaign, which represents a sum of efforts, seeks to fulfill the aim of building a new Marine Education Center in Pisco that takes the best of the old center incorporating the modern tendencies of sustainability in both the physical and the educational aspects.


Nearly three years after the earthquake and thanks to the support from individuals, companies, organizations and schools that chosen to be part of this effort our achievements are:

  • Purchasing of the land needed to build the new ACOREMA Marine Education Center just two blocks from the Pisco Main Square (Progreso Street Nº 374, 376 and 378).
  • To contract an expert team on sustainable building for the architectonic and museography design to carry out soil studies and elaboration of building plans for the new Center (including plans for architecture, earthquake proof structures, electricity and plumbing). The design incorporated renewable energy systems (solar panels), energetic efficiency, water management systems, air quality and thermal comfort. On each aspect the Non-toxic Building Materials Inventory was followed to avoid including hazardous materials in both the building and the exhibits. Part of the expert team developed the interpretive script and the museography plan for the Center.
  • Submission of the “Technical Dossier for Building the New ACOREMA Marine Education Center” to the Pisco Municipality.
  • Approval by the Pisco Municipality of the “Technical Dossier for Building the New ACOREMA Marine Education Center”
  • Obtaining the building permit for the new ACOREMA Marine Education Center.
New Design volumetric of Marine Education Center ACOREMA