Our work

What we are doing?

Research Program

We continue with the fieldwork and studies on dolphins, marine turtles, Humboldt penguin and marine otter within an ecosystemic approach. The results of this research are important contributions to improvement of conservation status of these threatened species at both local and national level.

Conservation Program

We go on with actions for education, raising awareness, interpretation and communication regarding the sea, the coasts and the biodiversity (with emphasis on threatened species) and the conservation problems of higher concern. The foundation for these initiatives is the “Universal Responsibility”, understand as the role of each human being on Earth and the impacts (either positive or negative) that an individual or a group may have on the local and global environment.   

The compromise to conclude the building and implementation stages of the new Marine Education Center in Pisco is another goal leading our actions. Thus, we continue calling efforts to make the new Center a reality, providing people with a space where marine education will be the tool for biodiversity conservation at the coast and sea of Peru.

Monitoring endangered species
Presentations to schools